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Sales Advice

Articles on how small businesses can increase sales.
Resources > Small Business Tips > Sales Advice

Create a VIP experience to keep your best customers coming back for more!
There is one universal lead source that is guaranteed to bring on more business for everyone reading this post.
Starting a small business and want to suck less at sales? Join our FREE challenge to increasing your sales! (Open for the summer of 2018)
If you want to make direct, outbound contact with a lead and begin the sales process, you have to write an email worth responding to. Learn how here!
Want to learn how to communicate with difficult clients, coworkers, or even superiors? Read on.
This guide will help you and your team push past points of struggle and learn to appreciate each other’s strengths and respect leadership.
You might already have a great team in place at your company. Now, you have to focus on the next step: continuing to encourage and improve team performance.
In order to find great team players, you need to learn how to spot them during the hiring process.
According to John C. Maxwell, “You cannot build a great team without great players.” The first player you should focus on making great? Yourself.
If we want to have effective conversations and understand each other, we have to actively listen.
If you’re interested in tapping into the power of referrals, check out our guide to getting the most out of your customers’ connections.
What if you could guarantee that all your leads were qualified and interested in your services or products before you made the call?
Warm calling gives you the ability to warm the prospect up, research their needs and tailor your pitch, resulting in more successful sales for you.
If you can get people laughing, you can get them listening--and what more do you want from your prospect in a sales pitch than an eager ear?
This post outlines five tips for sharpening your communication skills and making your sales pitches more effective.
Team building and company retreats aside, a CRM may be your best (and cheapest) tool for facilitating and increasing collaboration on your sales team.
If you’re a small business and new to lead generation on LinkedIn, here’s a quick list of tips and tricks to get you started.
In 2015, the elevator pitch is no longer the best way to express an idea or make a sale. This post explores three modern updates to the elevator pitch.
No one likes dealing with a pushy salesperson. Put the customer's needs first, and your needs second.
A list of tips for closing more sales by making sure your follow-ups work together.
A list of the important details you should get right in just about any sales call.
Every relationship a business has with a current customer began first with some form of initial introduction and pre-purchase interaction. For a re...
This post explores the importance of all-hands meetings for small business sales teams including several useful ideas of what to do in those meetings.
On how you can increase sales revenue via controlling the context in which you present your product and thus how consumers perceive its value.
Getting discouraged by prospects turning you down, saying it isn't the right time? A simple follow-up can change the whole future of those leads!
Resources > Small Business Tips > Sales Advice
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