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How can I use the custom date field?

Written by Alicen Moser

With Less Annoying CRM’s custom date feature, you can create custom date fields on contact records, company records, and even on pipelines! You get to choose whether these events appear once or recur every year, and you can even customize how (or if) they appear on your calendar. This article will give you some ideas for how to get the most out of this feature.

If you’d like a more general overview of our custom dates feature,  check out this help article which will show you how to create those custom date fields, as well as adjust the way that they display on your calendar! 

Annual Renewals

Sometimes a client is so low-maintenance that it becomes easy to forget things like sending them an annual renewal contract! The custom date feature makes keeping track of annual events like this easy. When you click on the event in your calendar, you can navigate directly to the company or contact record its linked to. 


Having a custom date field within a pipeline can help you to keep track of pipeline-related events (such as the date you received a bid or a donation) as well as any upcoming deadlines related to a project. Here, I’ve created a job application pipeline, and used a custom pipeline field to make the job interviews appear on my calendar. If you have more than one of the same type of event on a single day, your calendar will group them together, and show you an expanded view when you click the event. 

Maintaining Relationships

Custom date fields are great for keeping track of the little things that help you build relationships. “Birthday” is a default custom date field that you’ll find we’ve already created for your contact records, but you can add additional fields for dates that are important to you, such as anniversaries. Plus, we’ll do the math for you on the contact record, so you’ll know right away if this is a special year.

Posted on Jun 19, 2020
Filed under CRM Articles, CRM Tips and Tutorials
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