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How can I make sure my data stays consistent?

Written by Alicen Moser
Have you ever felt like the information in your CRM is a bit disorganized? This article has a handful of ideas on how to keep your data consistent so that Less Annoying CRM can be as “less annoying” as possible!

Check your Imports

This is a big one, because sloppy data often starts with sloppy imports. Before you import information into the CRM, be sure to check the following:
  • Does each column in my spreadsheet contain the information that it is supposed to? Your CRM won’t be much help to you if half of your contacts have their surname where their email address should be, or vice versa!
  • Do I have all of the columns that I need? Imports are great because it allows you to create a large group of records all at once, but you can’t update contacts in bulk once they’ve been created. Make sure you have all the info you need so that you won’t have to manually enter something critical in every new contact you’ve created.
  • Do I know where I want my information to be imported? If you have a column of data in the import that doesn’t have a home in your CRM, think about how you’d like to import that data. If you have questions you can reach out to a CRM Coach for some ideas too!

Click here for more detailed information about how to format a spreadsheet for import. The good news is that if you do an import and then realize that it’s sloppy, you can easily undo it by following these instructions!

Adjust your custom field type

If you’ve created a text box custom field for something like “Industry” but find yourself typing in the same few options over and over, it might be time to turn that text box into a drop-down list or a checkbox list. This way, you can avoid the hassle of typing the same things over and over, and avoid the danger of entering typos which confuse your searches. There’s a range of custom field types to choose from, including, dropdown lists, checkboxes, date fields, and more! 

You can learn more about custom contact and company fields here.

Keep everything in one place

Did you just get off a call with an important client that you don’t want to forget? Instead of writing down your notes on a pad of paper, keep your CRM open, and type your notes in there! You can also use your CRM to store documents and images related to each contact or company record. 

Using Less Annoying CRM as a central hub for all your information and documentation can simplify your workflow, and save time.

Posted on Jun 22, 2020
Filed under CRM Articles, CRM Tips and Tutorials
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