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Product update: Don't forget to save + better affiliate tools

Written by Tyler King

Here are a few of the things we released over the last few weeks:

Don't forget to save forms

Sometimes you'll start filling out a form, get distracted, and forget to save the form you were working on. Before, if you left a form without saving, you'd lose the data you had already entered. We just updated the main forms in LACRM (contacts, events, and tasks) to warn you if you try closing the form without saving it. It's just one extra thing to save you time and keep the data in your CRM accurate!

Affiliate template improvements

Did you know that Less Annoying CRM has an Affiliate Program? If you have a network of people who might benefit from using LACRM, you might consider signing up as an affiliate.

One of the main features available to affiliates is the ability to create one or more "templates" so that anyone who signs up through your link can start out with the settings you recommend. We just completely changed how affiliate templates work to make them even more powerful. This new system allows affiliates to use the new custom fields (previously you could only create text fields), customize the branding of the CRM (maybe you want anyone who signs up through your link to see your logo at the top of the CRM) and the user interface for customize templates is much more intuitive. Here's a video showing off how affiliate templates work:

Drag-and-drop to upload contact photos

In case you missed it, about a month ago we added that ability to upload photos of your contacts. Since then, we've been adding a bit of polish to the feature. One of the main changes that you might find helpful is the ability to drag a photo directly on the to "Add a contact" form. Check it out:

That's it for now, but we've got more great improvements coming soon, so stay tuned!

Posted on May 12, 2020
Filed under Product Updates
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