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How much does Less Annoying CRM cost?

At Less Annoying CRM, we think complicated pricing structures are, well, annoying. We prefer to keep it simple. Our system is $15 per user per month, end of story. Want to add another user? That’s always exactly $15. No hidden costs or fees, no paying for things you don’t use, no long-term contracts. Simple, easy, less annoying.

But we don't expect you to pay for something without trying it first! The first 30 days with the product are totally free. Try it out before committing—we won’t even ask for your payment information until that trial period ends. You shouldn’t have to pay for something until you’re sure you want to use it.

(Full disclosure: We are planning additional functionality in the future that will come with additional costs. However, these new features will all be outside of the CRM's core functionality and be totally optional. We won’t spring anything on you, because that would be annoying.)

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