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Here at Less Annoying CRM, we've built several integrations with other platforms, such as Google Calendar, Google Contacts, Outlook Calendar, and Mailchimp. This article has a list of every in-house integration we offer, as well as third-party integrations that other companies have built to connect their tools to LACRM.

A note on third-party integrations: Since these integrations were not built by LACRM, we are not responsible for maintaining them, and we cannot offer support for them. If you have any questions about one of our third-party integrations, contact the support team of the company that created the integration.

If you don’t see an integration that you are looking for on this page, contact us! We value user feedback when deciding which programs to integrate with in the future.

In-House Integrations

The following integrations were built by LACRM developers, so we'll help you get up and running with each sync and can answer any questions you have about them. There is no extra cost to use these integrations, though the tools they connect to may come at additional cost. Note that if you are not an administrator, you may not have access to these integrations if your administrator does not allow it.

* Google Calendar and Contacts

You can sync your contacts and events between Less Annoying CRM and Google. The sync runs two ways, so contacts and events in Google will sync with the CRM and vice-versa. You can also use these syncs as a middle man between the CRM and other calendar or contact databases that sync with Google, such as your phone or event scheduling software.

GoogleUses: syncing events, syncing contacts

Cost: free

Related tutorials:

Website: Google Calendar and Google Contacts

* Outlook Calendar

You can sync your events between Less Annoying CRM and Outlook. The sync runs two ways, so events in Outlook will sync with the CRM and vice-versa.

GoogleUses: syncing events

Cost: varies according to package (included in Office 365), see pricing at Microsoft's website

Related tutorials:

Website: Outlook

* Mailchimp

You can sync your LACRM contacts with subscribers in Mailchimp, and campaigns sent to your subscribers will log in the CRM. The sync runs two ways, so if you add a new subscriber in Mailchimp, they will be added to the CRM as a new contact, and vice-versa.

MailchimpUses: syncing contacts, email marketing

Cost: see Mailchimp’s pricing tiers

Related tutorials:

Website: Mailchimp

Other Integrations

The following integrations were not built by LACRM, meaning we cannot control their upkeep and cannot offer support for them. In most cases, you will need access to your LACRM account's API tools in order to set up these connections (if you are not an administrator, your admin will control whether you are able to use the LACRM API). If you have any questions about the following syncs, please contact the support team for each platform.

* Badger Maps

While LACRM does not sync with Badger Maps on a technical level, you can import your LACRM contacts into Badger Maps, and they will automatically create a link back to the corresponding contact record in LACRM.

Badger MapsUses: Contact mapping / Route planning

Cost: see Badger Maps’ pricing tiers

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Website: Badger Maps

* CreateForm

CreateForm is an easy-to-use form creation program that has built an integration with Less Annoying CRM to make contact data entry even simpler. Automatically add leads entered through a CreateForm to your CRM, no coding necessary.

CreateFormUses: Contact forms / Lead forms

Cost: See CreateForm’s pricing tiers

Related tutorials:

Website: CreateForm

* Invoco

Invoco is a UK telecom company that can add call notes to your CRM (including a link to a call recording), and even add new contacts if you receive a call from an unknown number.

InvocoUses: Call tracking / Call logging / Click-to-call

Cost: Contact Invoco to learn more about their pricing options

Related tutorials:

Website: Invoco

* JustCall

JustCall is a cloud-based phone system that can automatically log all call activities, send and receive texts, and log call recordings and voicemails under your Less Annoying CRM contacts.

Uses: Call tracking / Call logging / Click-to-call

Cost: Visit JustCall's pricing page

Related tutorial: 

Website: JustCall

* Leads Connector

Receive notifications for new Facebook ads via email and sync their data directly with LACRM using Leads Connector.

LeadsConnectorUses: Facebook leads ads, Lead form

Cost: See Leads Connector’s pricing tiers

Related tutorials:

Website: Leads Connector

* LeadsBridge

LeadsBridge is an automation platform that helps you connect your Less Annoying CRM contacts and pipeline items with 370+ other programs, including Facebook Ads (Lead Ads, Custom Audiences, Offline Conversions), LinkedIn Ads (Lead Gen Forms, Matched Audiences), Google Ads (Customer Match), and more. Through Leadsbridge you can set up one-way or two-way syncs, where info is either pushed from LACRM into another platform, or info from another platform is added to LACRM

LeadsBridgeUses: syncing contacts with other apps, syncing pipeline items with other apps, offline syncing

Cost: See LeadsBridge’s pricing tiers

Related tutorials:

Website: LeadsBridge

* MyRepChat

Text your LACRM contacts and log messages as notes in the CRM so that all of your customer communications are in one place.

MyRepChatUses: Text messaging

Cost: Variable -- contact MyRepChat for a quote

Related tutorials:

Website: MyRepChat

* PieSync

PieSync is an integration platform that allows you to sync your LACRM contacts with 170+ other applications, including Constant Contact, Quickbooks, and Shopify. The contact sync between LACRM and PieSync is two-ways, so changes to your LACRM contacts will push to PieSync and any connected programs, and vice-versa.

PieSyncUses: syncing contacts with other apps

Cost: see PieSync’s pricing tiers

Related tutorials:

Website: PieSync (using this link will give you a $50 discount)

* SigParser

Automatically fill in missing details on Less Annoying CRM Contacts from details discovered in email signatures. SigParser can fill in missing phone numbers, titles, locations and more.

SigParserUses: email parsing

Cost: see SigParser’s pricing options

Related tutorials:

Website: SigParser

* Simplii

Simplii is a VOIP phone that allows you to click and dial your LACRM contacts, in addition to logging calls and call recordings in your CRM notes. Simplii will also pop up incoming and outgoing calls within your browser.

SimpliiUses: Call tracking / Call logging / Click-to-call

Cost: Contact Simplii for a quote

Website: Simplii

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