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The easiest CRM for real estate agents

Give your team access to your buyers, sellers, and everyone in between. On one platform.

Built for small teams, Less Annoying CRM is the easiest system to track important property notes, calls, and coordinate follow up reminders so you can focus on brokering more deals.

Just $15 per user per month, with no surprise "set-up fees", confusing tiers, or contracts (we hate those too).

Features for real estate agents

Buyer and Seller pipelines to see exactly where your deals are

These customizable process-tracking tools help you map out your buying and selling workflows. Easily pull reports on what your buyers are looking for, and what offers your sellers have on the table.

Unlimited, fully customizable fields to track whatever information matters most to you.

Based on conversations with hundreds of real estate agents, we’ve set up fields we think you want, but you can always add more -- at no additional cost. Want to track the number of pets a buyer has? Go ahead.

Attach important documents to your clients’ profiles.

Your relationships with your clients are built on more than just notes and calls. Stop losing contracts and photos in your computer folders, and create a shared database of files that your entire team can share and work off of. With no file storage limits in Less Annoying CRM, your clients will be the only ones worrying about storage space after a move.

Get set up in an hour with free customer support.

Business software is never fun. That’s why we’re “Less Annoying CRM”, and not “Never Annoying CRM”. But we’re here to help make sure you have the least annoying experience ever. You’re here to help your clients, and we’re here to help you.

Regardless of whether you prefer to hop on the phone for an in-depth conversation about how to track your biggest client of the year, or want to do some learning on your own, we’ve got you covered -- for free.

Ready to sign up for your free 30-day trial of our Real Estate CRM? Just click this button...

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We don’t take any credit card information, and it’s only $15 per user per month after. That’s it.

Want to chat a little more first? Just reach out to us here -- we’d love to talk to you.