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New feature: Custom file fields

Written by Tyler King

This year, we've made a ton of improvements to how custom fields work in LACRM. Well, we're not done yet! We just released another improvement that will help you organize your files.

In the past, if you wanted to store files such as invoices, contracts, etc. in the CRM, you had to attach them to the contact record. That works fine in most cases, but if you have a lot of files for a single contact, you end up with them all mixed together, so finding the file you're looking for can be tricky. Now, for any file types that you regularly collect, you can make a custom field on the contact, company, or pipeline records to store those files.

So instead of having one big collection of attached files, you'll be able to see each file organized by the field you uploaded it to. This is especially helpful if a file is related to a pipeline because now you can attach it directly to the pipeline item instead of attaching it to the contact that the pipeline corresponds to.

The video above shows exactly how this feature works. There are countless ways to use this new customization option, and if you'd like help thinking through how you might use custom file fields, don't hesitate to reach out!

Posted on Oct 13, 2020
Filed under Product Updates
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